Oxbridge Law Interview Preparation

Expert tutors who graduated from Oxford and Cambridge

Unrivalled support for your Law application form the some of the smartest Law Graduates in the country

Expert LNAT Tuition

Expert tutors from Oxford and Cambridge

Score Boosting Strategies covered

Improve your LNAT performance

Applying for Law?

Oxbridge Law Apps is here to help with your Law application. We can provide expert advice on the following:

  • The admissions process
  • The interviews
  • Admissions tests (LNAT and CLT)
  • Personal statements

Whether you are applying to Oxford, Cambridge or another top university, our tutors have helped many students reach their goals.

Our Oxbridge Tutors

All our tutors are trained experts in the Law and its admissions process.

In particular:

  • All our tutors graduated with a full qualifying Law degree from etiher Oxford or Cambridge.
  • Our tutors are able to articulate what is required in the feared interview.
  • You will receive a high quality service from our tutors.

Oxbridge Law Apps is the top admissions company for Law Applications in the UK.

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Oxbridge Interview Preparation

Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation courses delivered online via Skype.

Prices starting at £60/session

Cambridge Law Test (CLT) Tuition

Mock tests and CLT Preparation courses delivered online.

LNAT Tuition

LNAT Tuition delivered by expert Oxbridge Law graduates.

Online Lessons

Our Oxbridge Law Graduates are available to provide personal 1:1 support via Skype at a time convenient to you, whether it is in the day time, evening or weekend.

Forward Thinking

Our tutors are all strong legal thinkers, having graduated from either Oxford or Cambridge.


Legal Problems

Law interviews at either Oxford or Cambridge will involve looking at a ‘legal problem’ and our tutors have created a bank of such questions for applicants.

Ongoing Support

Our tutors are able to give comprehensive support to students applying to university right up until the final interview.

Realistic mock interviews

Expert Oxford and Cambridge Law Graduates

About Us

At the heart of Oxbridge Law Apps  is a passionate team of Oxbridge Law Tutors and we pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer service & helping students navigate the Law admissions process


Full Disclosure

Oxbridge Law Apps is not affiliated to either the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford.

We simply consist of private tutors who graduated from either of the two universities.

Our Services

  • Interview preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Cambridge Law Test Tuition
  • LNAT Tuition

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