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Cambridge Law Test Mocks

Purchase extra mock papers for the Cambridge Law Test, which are specially created by our Oxbridge Graduate Law Tutors. You mock paper/s will be available for download as a PDF file straight after purchase. Each mock paper has 3 questions, designed to test the essay writing and legal skills that will be tested in the Cambridge Law Test. The four mock papers cover multiple areas of law including: Criminal law, Constitutional law and Contract law.

N.B. Answers are not provided but you can get your essay answer marked by our tutors for an extra fee (see below).


3 Essay Questions per mock


Designed by Cambridge Graduate Law Tutors


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Cambridge Law Test: Mock Paper 1

Cambridge Law Test: Mock Paper 2

Cambridge Law Test: Mock Paper 3

Cambridge Law Test: Mock Paper 4

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Get your mock answers marked by one of our Oxbridge Law Tutors and receive detailed feedback on how to improve. 

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